Nagaland Educational Sponsorship

Akumen Village Educational Sponsorship 2014 0nwards

Over the last 10 years, people from Southwick and Sussex have been visiting and sponsoring relief and development work in the small village of Akumen in Nagaland, North East India. This is a very rural poor village where people live at subsistence level with little means of growth without outside help. One vital project has been the on-going development of the village school. This is seen as a key project in the wellbeing of the village and the means of giving the children there the best possible chances of growing and playing an important role in the future of their country. This project centres on the village school where children receive the first 6 years of basic education.

Over these years we have established a sponsorship scheme which means that each Akumen child of school age can attend the village school. We have also helped the school with resources such as School uniforms (supplied by Sussex schools which closed down), visual aids, books, pens and paper, a garden project etc as well as undertaking teacher training on one of our visits. For those children who wish to continue their education after successful completion of their schooling in Akumen, we also provide a sponsorship scheme which pays for them to continue their schooling in another local village.

In addition to the school provision, in 2008, we developed an Educational Resource Centre with 5 educational zone activities as follows to enhance the education of children outside school time:

  1. Sports Zone (cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, dance etc)
  2. Reading Zone with English language
  3. Visual media zone - DVD
  4. Educational games zone (e.g. Connect 4, dominos, snakes and ladders, scrabble etc)
  5. Music zone (guitar, keyboard, drums, singing)

In staff this, we have managed each year to pay the salary of an extra non Government teacher to help in school lessons and run these after school activities. Mr Chuba Ao has worked very faithfully over these years seeking to develop the experience of the children, giving them recreational ways of learning and taking them to sports competitions with children in neighbouring villages. This has been a great success..

We have also established an English club to help children develop their language skills. This is vital to their future ability to study further and work in India, where English is the second language. In addition we have developed a craft project based in our craft centre where both adults and older children can learn to develop indigenous craft skills including weaving, sewing, card making, bamboo and cane work and woodwork. Developing such skills gives people the opportunity to make things which can bring in a small income and help them move from subsistence to production.

For those wishing to participate in this venture…

Having successfully established these educational resources, it is vital that we can continue this children’s educational sponsorship programme and maintain the activities by continuing to pay our teacher. The annual cost of doing this is approximately £2000. Sponsorship can be offered as follows: £5 helps one child attend the village school for 1 year (80 sponsorships p.a.) £50 helps an older child continue education in another village (12 sponsorships p.a.) £80 pays the teacher’s salary for one month (£960 per annum) If you feel you would like to invest in a child in rural Nagaland, please fill in the form below:

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Please send this slip with your donation to Southwick Christian Community Church 1-5, Roman Crescent, Southwick West Sussex BN424TY c/o Revd Lynda Hulcoop. E mail or visit for more information and pictures.

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