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First of all, we would love to see you. The building is open most days of the week, for you to pop in.

We are located at the top of the green in Southwick. Know where that is? Its by Brighton, in West Sussex, England.
Still not sure where it is? Check out this map below.



Depending on where you are travelling from, you preferably want to find your way to the A27 and travel towards the Shoreham area. Then make your way onto the A270. If you are travelling from far, then head for Brighton.


There is a train station in Southwick, which is about a 10 minute walk away. When you arrive at the station, you walk north bound, until you get to Southwick Square, walk though the square to the green, and your will find the centre at the top of the green.


The nearest stop is the Windmill Stop on Old Shoreham Road. From the stop, walk south towards the green, you will find the church nearby.


Southwick Map Click map to view it larger.