Our Mission

The church believes that the following is God’s calling to us as a church.

A Praying People

To be a people who are able to hear, and discern God’s heart and will thus be able to pray with faith, and to experience and exercise all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Matt: 21:18-22, Matt 6:5-13

An Open People

A church that is fully expectant and fully open to manifestations of the Holy Spirit, facilitating our building up, guidance, correction and empowering for service within the kingdom.
1 Cor. 12-14

A Loving People

To be a community of people who love and respect one another; working, praying and caring for each other within the church. A people whose love overflows into their families and the community with the love of Jesus expressed in action and kindness towards all.
1 Jn. 3

A Going Church

To be open and willing to take every God-given opportunity to reach into our community with the gospel, seeking revival within our area and nation, through prayer. This must start with us, must start with me! 2 Cor. 7, Acts 1-8, James 2:14-19

A Worshipping Church

To be a worshipping people, not out of duty, but out of a true relationship with our God in Christ. A people open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in corporate worship, recognising that He alone causes us to worship in Spirit and Truth.
Jn. 4:21-26

A Giving Church

A people whose worship arises out of a Kingdom lifestyle of self-giving to Christ, to each other and to the world. We seek to be generous in all things, even as God blesses us richly with His abundant grace.
2 Cor. 8

A Non-Religious Church

A church that is not legalistic, formal or religious, but non-religious, flexible and grateful for the grace of God. We are committed to one another and the Word of God with a humble and obedient attitude. A church where God is pleased to live by His Holy Spirit.
Eph. 2, Col. 2-3